Living In Bacolod

“There’s a reason why Bacolod was listed as the best place to live in the Philippines. I would say there are good career opportunities, good food, nice places to relax, and of course good people. You can easily gain friends here.”
– Ma. Amy Perez (as shared on Quora)

“Bacolod is an urban city with that distinct Southern charm. It keeps abreast with development yet still maintain the laid back lifestyle. Bacolod City has the amenities that other highly urbanized cities in the Philippines can offer but without the traffic problems, pollution and high crime rate. Bacolod City was chosen as the Best Place to Live in the Philippines by MoneySense Magazine in 2008 and below are the top reasons.”
Bacolod Premier Homes website

“I don’t know another location anywhere which would meet our needs any better than in Bacolod City! There is a very low crime rate, there isn’t a problem with air pollution, traffic is not a major problem, there is high quality education, there are excellent medical facilities, food items that expats enjoy are readily available, there are many diverse restaurants that are not only Filipino Cuisine and the cost of living in very affordable, even to those on a smaller retirement pension.”
– Gary McMurrain (as shared on Expat Focus)


There are sooooooo many reasons why one would consider moving to Bacolod City. It could be the cuisine, the friendly and smiling people, education, work, or even just pure adventure. Whatever your reason is, we know moving isn’t always an easy task, so in we’ve compiled a bunch of directories and other information that might come in handy for when you decide to live in Bacolod.