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Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts – November 2017

If you choose to work in the field that you are love, you will not have to work for the rest of your life. If you have passion in cooking, better make it your career. The Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts is offering a Professional Cooking course which can be completed within a short period… Continue reading Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts – November 2017


Places To Eat – Diotay’s Eatery

If you are a seafood lover, then, Bacolod is the one of the best places for you to travel! Many different restaurants in the city offer palatable, healthy, and affordable seafood dishes fresh from the ocean. Diotay’s Eatery is one of those who stand out according to the majority. It may look very simple but… Continue reading Places To Eat – Diotay’s Eatery


Sauteed Green Beans With Ground Meat

This is one of the simpler dishes to prepare. Slicing the ingredients may be the only time-consuming task here, but when that's all done, all you have is to saute them until they're cooked. Great to pair with hot boiled rice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. SAUTEED GREEN BEANS WITH GROUND MEAT Cooking oil1 medium… Continue reading Sauteed Green Beans With Ground Meat


Tacoboy Coffee Bar and BBQ House Blessing & Soft Opening

Tacoboy Coffee Bar and BBQ House had its blessing and soft opening last week! It's hard not to salivate while looking at photos of the dishes they have at Tacoboy. They have a variety of Mexican dishes (such as nachos, tacos, and quesadillas), grilled BBQ dishes, combo -silog meals, a variety of french fries, sandwiches, sizzlers,… Continue reading Tacoboy Coffee Bar and BBQ House Blessing & Soft Opening


20 Must-Try Bacolod Delicacies

Chicken Inasal - Bacolod is best known for this savoury grilled chicken. Flavoured with rich, sweet marinade, this Chicken Inasal will give you a remarkable Bacolod dining experience! Buttered scallops - Fresh scallops are cooked with a creamy buttery sauce. Calea’s cakes - Experience sweetness overload with Calea’s mouth-watering blueberry cheesecake, ice cream cake, and… Continue reading 20 Must-Try Bacolod Delicacies


LCC-Bacolod College Admissions 2016 News

Found this information provided by La Consolacion College - Bacolod: "To all college prospective or transfer students and their parents or guardians: "The transition to Kto12 educational system, which introduces two more years of high school in the basic education, has challenged our capacity to accommodate college freshmen for academic years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. Nonetheless,… Continue reading LCC-Bacolod College Admissions 2016 News