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Panaad Sa Negros Festival 2023 Schedule of Activities

DAY 1: APRIL 17, TUESDAY 8:00AMThanksgiving Mass (Park Stage)Arima 9:00AMRibbon Cutting Ceremonies: Bamboo Negrense, Aton Ini! (Bamboo Village) Best of Negros Products Trade Fair (Panaad Stadium Lobby) Food Alley (South Road, Panaad Park) PVO Animal Exhibit Area, Blessing and Inauguration ofProvincial Animal Learning Park and Hospital (PALPHA & ABANSE Negrense Integrated Laboratory (East Road, Panaad… Continue reading Panaad Sa Negros Festival 2023 Schedule of Activities


Chinese New Year Dinner Ideas

Bacolod City is home to a lot of people who have Chinese ancestry. Because of this fact, since 2006, the city has made Bacolaodiat Festival - which celebrates the Chinese New Year - as one of its major annual events. But whether you are a Bacolodnon or not, whether you have Chinese blood in you… Continue reading Chinese New Year Dinner Ideas


Pork Adobo Recipe

One of the beloved dishes of, not just Bacolodnons, but also many Filipinos and non Filipinos worldwide, is the delicious adobo. Many fine Filipino restaurants, as well as small-time eateries in Bacolod, serve adobo, sometimes, even a few varieties of this dish. Whether you are in Bacolod, or away/overseas, and you crave for this mouth-watering… Continue reading Pork Adobo Recipe


Cosplay Contest at the Bacolaodiat Festival 2020

Cosplayers of Bacolod City and of the entire island of Negros! If you feel like taking on the challenge of dressing up in a Chinese inspired or Chinese themed costume, get ready for the Chinese Cosplay Contest at the Bacolaodiat Festival 2020! Registration forms are available at the Bacolaodiat Office, 2nd floor Amity Building (steel door… Continue reading Cosplay Contest at the Bacolaodiat Festival 2020


Panaad Sa Negros 2019 Schedule

One of the most awaited events of the year is here - the Panaad Sa Negros Festival 2019! Of course, the first thing you'd want to know is the schedule of events. What exciting shows and contests are there? What dates are they happening? We've made it easy for you by providing you the schedule… Continue reading Panaad Sa Negros 2019 Schedule


Black Sambo Recipe

Who does not love this flavorsome dessert?! Black sambo is often a hit at parties, and it's actually quite easy to make. You can even prepare this dish the day before and let it chill in the refrigerator until you're ready to serve it. It can be served plain, or you can garnish it with… Continue reading Black Sambo Recipe

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28 Groups To Dance At The Masskara Festival 2018

Two months to go before Masskara season...are you excited yet?! Every year, some of the most awaited Masskara Festival events are the Street and Arena Dance Competitions. For this year 2018, a total of 28 groups representing various barangays and schools will be competing on October 27 and 28. Here are the lists: BARANGAY Category… Continue reading 28 Groups To Dance At The Masskara Festival 2018


Valenciana Recipe

All Soul's Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve are often the top occasions to have this delectable Bacolod-style Valenciana. What's not to love about this dish? Aside from being incredibly tasty, it's colorful and a complete meal by itself. Those who are from overseas, possibly including some from other parts of the country, might… Continue reading Valenciana Recipe