San Sebastian Cathedral

The San Sebastian Cathedral is one of the most famous infrastructures in Bacolod City. It is just located right at the center of Bacolod, across the plaza, where everyone can see its beautiful details and artwork.

cathedral 1

It was during the leadership of Fr. Julian Gonzaga in 1825, that the construction of this cathedral began. Originally, it was made of wood and had just one bell. Fr. Roman Manuel Locsin and Fr. Mariano de Avila donated 2 bigger bells later. After few constructions, Fr. Mauricio Ferrero took over and made the cathedral even bigger. He wanted it made of coral stones so he renovated it again. The prisoners helped in the construction of this historical church.

Cathedral 2

This San Sebastian Cathedral is not an ordinary chapel. In the morning, it is a church that allows everyone to worship The Most High. At night, it becomes a stunning piece of artwork with its brilliant illumination. Being a place of sanctity and art, this San Sebastian Cathedral is one piece of architecture any tourist needs to visit while in Bacolod.