Laguerta Home of the Vintage Glasses Museum

Laguerta Home of the Vintage Glasses Museum is owned by Tomas Claridad Casiano, a former butler (for American movie director Benjamin Smith) and, eventually, a floral designer in Beverly Hills.

Casiano graduated from La Consolacion College with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in General Science. He was also able to finish his master’s degree in Science Education from the University of Baguio.

Casiano fell in love with glass when he worked as a floral designer and he started collecting glass pieces in many places. He would send some items over the years. He decided to stay in Bacolod for good just last year, Dec. 2018, and brought a huge number of pieces of his glass collection with him (66 boxes!!).

Laguerta Musem is popular for its classic beauty and uniqueness. It may be the first one of its kind here in the Philippines. It showcases a wide variety of depression glasses collected for over 20 years. You can see different glass items in different forms, shapes, hues or colors. It holds a collection of more than 2,000 pieces such as Victorian lamps, dinnerware, and glass decors, commemorative plates.

This Vintage Glasses Museum is just a few meters away from the highway. To get there, just take a Punta Taytay jeepney and tell the driver to drop you off at Munsterific Sum-Ag Branch (along the highway). Then, you can just ask from people there on how to get to the museum because it’s only a couple of meters away from the main road.

Laguerta has been opened to the public since December of last year. Visitors can visit this history-filled place by appointment. Generally, the museum is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, starting at 10 AM to 4PM, but a call must be done prior to the visit to confirm availability of the owner, who is also the usher. There’s no entrance fee but they do accept donations. This museum is a private place but there were times that the owner allowed some events or gathering to be held there. For appointments at Laguerta, simply contact them via landline phone number (034) 444 1140 or call Mr. Casiano’s mobile number 09173098895.