Capitol Lagoon Park

One of the most-visited places in Bacolod City is the Capitol Lagoon Park, a park where everybody is welcome. It is located at the heart of Bacolod City just along Lacson St. It is a place you can spend quality time with your family and friends for free.


A beautiful view of the Negros Capitol Building is seen just across the park. Inside, there are also different attractive structures. One of which is the “Paghimud-os”, an artwork donated by the Negros Occidental Park and Cultural Commission to the people of Negros. Eduardo S. Castillo was the artist who made this magnificent piece from 1972-1975.

At the center of the park, you can find the “Lagoon”, a wide pond with live Tilapia fishes.

Many families enjoy feeding these fishes why taking pictures. It’s a good way to teach young children the value of other creatures and develop their love for them. Surrounding the lagoon is a pathway where people can do their walking and jogging. There is also a wide space at the center where people can do aerobics or flag ceremony (of the government officials) every Monday.

A golden structure of a woman standing beside a carabao, and a golden artwork depicting a man standing beside a carabao, are found on both ends (north and south) of the park, facing each other. These golden structures made this ground attractive to tourists.


A small playland for kids is found on the east of the park. You can see many children with their families play on that kiddie land especially on weekends. Beside it, there are also benches where families and groups can eat their packed lunches and take-out foods.


With its lovely features and peaceful ambiance, the Capitol Lagoon is, indeed, a good place to play, relax, and have fun.