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Panaad Sa Negros – Day 8

Where did the days go? It seemed like only yesterday when the festival started, now we’re on the last day of Panaad Sa Negros. Did you have fun enjoying the activities? Hope you made lots of enjoyable memories. But in case you haven’t or still want more, here’s the schedule for the final day:

April 22 (Friday) Day 8

5:00 AM

  • Murcia to Panaad Run

6:00 AM

  • Hataw sa Panaad w/ Ching’s Group (Venue: Panaad Football Field)

8:00 AM

  • Arnis Competition (to 5pm, Venue: 2F, Center Stage, Panaad Stadium)
  • Provincial Capitol Employees’ Day (to 2pm, Venue: Panaad Covered Court)

9:00 AM

  • Organik Techno Hub/Film Showing @ Organic Village

10:00 AM

  • Daily Tourism, Agri-Trade Fair and Exhibits @ various venues (refer to Day 1)

11:00 AM

  • Panaad Funmatch Dog Show by NegOcc Kennel Club, Inc. (to 2pm, Venue: SM City Covered Parking Lot)

4:00 PM

  • Closing Ceremony w/ Awarding and Presentation of Winners (Venue: Panaad Stadium)

8:00 PM

  • Panaad Drumbeating Competition/Fireworks Display (Venue: Panaad Stadium)
  • 303rd Philippine Army Band Concert (Venue: Panaad Park Stage)

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