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Panaad Sa Negros Festival – Day 3

Days 1 and 2 have gone, but we’re not done yet! Don’t forget, the job fair is still on today.

Here’s the rest of the schedule of events for today:

April 17 (Sunday) Day 3

4:30 AM

  • La Carlota to Panaad Team Relay

6:00 AM

  • Hataw sa Panaad w/ Panaad Hot Bodies (Panaad Football Field)

7:00 AM

  • Adlaw sang mga Manugsagod Manok kag “Pet Lovers”/ Pet Parade (PVO Activity Area)

8:00 AM

  • Taekwondo Weigh-in and Height-in
  • Chess Competition (VIP Room)
  • 1st Trabaho Patrol sa Panaad (to 5pm, 2L, Stage Area, Panaad Stadium)

9:00 AM

  • Daily Organik na Negros Agri-Fest (LGU Pavillion Grounds)
  • Organik Techno Hub/Film Showing @ Organic Village

10:00 AM

  • Daily Tourism, Agri-Trade Fair and Exhibits @ various venues (refer to Day 1)

1:00 PM

  • Poultry and Gamefowl Seminar (PVO Activity Area)

2:00 PM

  • Boxing Competition (2F, Southwing, Panaad Stadium)

3:00 PM

  • Latin DanceSport (NOMPAC Gym)
  • Technical Rehearsal, Lin-ay Sang Negros Pageant (Panaad Stadium)

6:00 PM

  • Lin-ay Sang Negros Corporate Awards Night (Provincial Capitol Social Hall)

8:00 PM

  • Globe Night (Panaad Park Stage)

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