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Panaad Sa Negros Festival Starts Tomorrow!

Yes! The festival that you’ve been waiting for this summer is finally gonna be here. Get ready to head off to Panaad Park, brave the crowds, and enjoy everything that the festival has to offer. Checking out each city/town’s booth is a must – not only will you discover treasures in form of native souvenirs and yummy delicacies, but also you will learn and appreciate each town better.

Not quite sure where to go or what to do on the first day of the festival? Here’s the day’s schedule of events:

April 15 (Friday) Day 1

6:00 AM

  • Hataw sa Panaad w/ Ching’s Group (Venue: Panaad Football Field)

8:00 AM

  • Panaad Thanksgiving Mass in Hiligaynon (Venue: 2F Panaad Stadium)
  • Adlaw sang mga Manugbaboy / Lechon Baboy Parade (Venue: PVO Activity Area)
  • Groundbreaking of Shared Service Facility (SSF) – Bamboo Advocacy (Venue: Panaad Park)

9:00 AM
Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies for:

  • Panaad Tourism, Agri-Trade Fair and Exhibits @ LGU Pavilions*
  • Daily Organik na Negros Agri-Fest (Venue: LGU Pavilion Grounds)
  • Livestock and Dairy Fair (Venue: PVO Activity Area)*
  • Eco-Garden Show (Venue: South area across Candoni Pavilion)*
  • Solid Waste Management Advocacy (Venue: PEMO Nursery Area)*
  • UAP Exhibit and Trade Show (Venue: 2F, Northwing, Panaad Stadium)*
  • Trade Fair and Exhibit (Venue: GF, Northwing, Panaad Stadium)*
  • Bamboo Advocacy (Venue: GF, Northwing, Panaad Stadium)*
  • Negros Island Photo Exhibit and Festival Costume Display (Venue: GF, Southwing, Panaad Stadium)*

*Daily Activities

2:00 PM

  • Motorcade (Venue: Provincial Capitol to Panaad Park)

4:00 PM

  • Opening Ceremony  (Venue: Panaad Stadium)
  • Launching of New Negros Occidental Tourism Brand
  • NOHS Playground Demonstration (Venue: Panaad Football Field)
  • Festival Dances Competition (Venue: Panaad Stadium)
  • Fireworks Display

8:00 PM

  • GMA Kapuso Show (Venue: Panaad Stadium)
  • RMN’s Panaad Hip Hop Challenge 2016 (Venue: Panaad Park Stage)


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